Composite sinks

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Composite sinks
Granite kitchen sinks are made from a mixture of modern composite materials, similar in technical and aesthetic characteristics to natural stone, based on natural granite and quartz particles (up to 80%) and acrylic binders (up to 20%), which gives them high strength, durability, resistance external influences, which in turn increases the functionality and aesthetic appearance of artificial stone sinks. There are sinks with both one and two bowls, with large and small bowls, with and without an additional wing, rectangular, oval and round shapes, and also designed for installation in corner kitchen cabinets. Artificial stone allows you to design your sink in a wide range of colors. The boldest ideas of designers are embodied in it, thanks to which a harmonious combination of the sink with household appliances from the world's leading manufacturers is achieved. Granite sinks absorb the sound of falling water as much as possible, are absolutely hygienic, easy to clean, and are resistant to temperature, chemicals, impact, stains and scratches.

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