GUGLIELMI PURA Filter Cartridge
GUGLIELMI PURA Filter Cartridge
GUGLIELMI PURA Filter Cartridge
GUGLIELMI PURA Filter Cartridge
GUGLIELMI PURA Filter Cartridge
GUGLIELMI PURA Filter Cartridge

GUGLIELMI PURA RO16078 Filter Cartridge

Cartridge for water Filter System
The approved micro-filtration for domestic use is meant to assure a pure water, deleting limescale, chlorine and harmful substances residues provoking bad smells.

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The autonomy varies according to the hardness of the water.
Water supplied by mains water is usually of good quality but the contamination risk by lead, zinc and copper – present in the pipes – is not completely excluded. Chlorine can on the other hand compromise both water taste and smell.
With PURA you drink quality water to improve the taste of your drinks and of your favorite recipes.
– it reduces chlorine
– it reduces organic compounds
– it eliminates unpleasant water smells and tastes
– it has a 0,5 micron nominal filtration degree
– it is realized with extruded Activated Charcoal technology additioned with silver ions to carry out the bacteriostatic action
– it dechlorinates and clarifies drinking water
– Vertical or horizontal installation.

Replace the filter no late than 365 days after installation.
Convenient and eco-friendly, the filter cartridge purifies up to 10000 litres of water and is easy to replace.

Made in ITALY


Since 1954 Guglielmi family has been carrying on an ancient and difficult profession: giving shape to water, the most fleeting and intangible element. However, with pure lines, shining metal and with the most advanced research, water can be dominated and it enters our homes to bring wellness and health.

The passion of the sons Orazio and Orfeo, born as their father Armando in the small village of Valduggia, never ended. Among the gurgling rivers in the green scenery of Valsesia, in Piedmont, the will of modeling the tap as a design product took shape, combining functionality and aesthetics.

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