New GAGGENAU CM450111 Built-in fully automatic coffee machine Expand

GAGGENAU CM 450111 Built-in fully automatic coffee machine



Integrated Coffee Machine,
A series of devices in a niche height: 45 cm.
Colour: Black-Athrazit, Stainless Sal under glass
Touch door opening
Intelligent Electronics
TFT display
Menu in 25 languages
Control-by touch
Graphic sensors for program selection
Built-in lights with LEDs
Removable capacity for the gulf of water of 2.4 l
St.steel insulated milk container up to 0.5 liters

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  • A series of devices in a niche height: 45 cm.
  • Stationary water connection
  • Color: Black-Athrazit, Stainless Sal under glass
  • Smart Electronics
  • Touch door opening
  • Control with rotary switches and touch
  • TFT display.
  • Text display (25 languages)
  • Ability to memorize up to 8 personal preferences
  • 4 volumes of the drink, the volume can be individually customized to the size of the cup.
  • 8 levels of strength from the softest to the strongest.
  • Coffee (3 levels).
  • H10.
  • 4 variants of the proportions of coffee / milk.
  • Adjustable degree of grinding.
  • Height adjustable coffee dispenser from 7 cm to 15 cm.
  • Easy access behind the door to containers with water, milk and coffee beans.
  • Coffee Mill and AromaControl
  • Removable milk container with cleaning function
  • The ability to use coffee beans and ground coffee
  • Height adjustable coffee dispenser
  • Separate heaters for brewing coffee and producing steam
  • Automatic programs for washing and descaling
  • Automatic rinsing when turning the device on and off
  • Steam and hot water preparation
  • Water canister fills in front
  • Electronic clock with indication of the time of day
  • Taimer
  • Standby programming
  • The coffee grinder which is not demanding service with ceramic disks.
  • A separate box for the second type of ground coffee.
  • Water pump with a pressure of 19 bar
  • Double cycle grinding and brewing for extra intensity drink.
  • Grinding and brewing coffee when choosing two servings of the same type of drink occurs separately for each of the servings.
  • Beverage dispenser with integrated cappuccinator
  • Stainless steel insulated milk container up to 0.5 liters.
  • Built-in lights with LEDs.
  • A removable coffee bean container with a lid that holds the aroma for 500 G allows you to easily change different types of coffee beans.
  • Automatic adjustment of the amount of ground coffee.
  • Removable capacity for the gulf of water of 2.4 l
  • Water Filter Replacement Indicator
  • Control of filling the drainage tray for water and compartment for spent coffee
  • Ristretto / 2 x Ristretto.
  • Espresso / 2 x Espresso.
  • Espresso Macchiato / 2 x Espresso Macchiato.
  • Coffee / 2 x Coffee.
  • American / 2 x American.
  • Latte / 2 x Latte.
  • Latte Macchiato / 2 x Latte Macchiato.
  • Flat White / 2 x Flat White.
  • Milk foam / 2 x Milk foam.
  • Warm milk / 2 x Warm milk.
  • Hot water / 2 x Hot water.
Technical details
  • Volume of fresh water canister 2.4 liters.
  • Power consumption 1,6 kW
  • Electrical cable with 1.7 m long plug
  • Appliance dimensions W x H x D approx WxDxH ~ 590 x 537х455mm
  • Niche dimensions  WxDxH ~ 558 x 347x449mm
Made in Germany
Installation Built-in
Power: 1,600 kW
Width 590 mm
Cabinet width (mm): 600
Height 455mm
Niche (mm): 450
Surface finish: Stainless Steel
Depth 535 mm

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