ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven
ILVE 645SLZ Built-in Compact Pizza oven

ILVE 645SLZT4 Built-in Compact Pizza oven

Ilve 645SLZ Professional Plus Multifunction electric oven cm. 60 h 45 - inox

The Ilve 645SLZ pizza oven of the Professional Plus line is the only appliance for domestic use capable of cooking at a temperature of 400 ° C. In 2 minutes the pizza will be crisp and moisture-free like that of your favorite pizzeria.

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645SLZ multifunction electric oven with maximum temperature of 400 ° C (Pizza Party) of 60 cm in stainless steel. 

Professional Plus - Ovens and combined cooking and storage systems 
Professional Plus ovens are at the top of performance and versatility. All with electronic temperature control, they allow you to choose a variety of functions for perfect cooking. In addition to having a large capacity, they can create double, horizontal or column compositions, to fit into any space. High professionalism also in the blast chiller, to pass in a very short time in total safety from the temperature of the oven to that of the fridge (-3 ° C) or from the ambient temperature to the freezer (-20 ° C). In addition, with the vacuum, in addition to storing food, you can cook sous vide like real chefs. The ovens with full touch TFT display can be made with a black tempered glass finish, resistant and of great aesthetic effect. 

Performance is achieved thanks to the particular conformation of the internal muffle which uses air deflectors and conveyors concentrated both above and below the pizza. The construction components of the machine that allow to withstand such high temperatures contribute to this result. 

High performances not only for pizza 
The Pizza oven also performs all the functions of a traditional oven thus expanding its range of use. By removing the deflector you will obtain a compact oven that has all the characteristics of a traditional convection oven, on three levels, with an adjustable temperature from 30 ° C to 400 ° C. 

Standard accessories 
The 400 ° Pizza Oven is supplied, as standard, with two deflectors that create the right air flow inside the chamber, which is essential for perfect pizza cooking; with the deflectors are also delivered two grids that are used both to lay the pizza and bake it, and to promote perfect and uniform cooking even of the lower part of the dough. With the use of the grids you will get a crunchy pizza in all its parts and without humidity. Also among the accessories, the very useful professional steel shovel is supplied, perfect for baking pizzas safely and easily. The pastry board, always in steel, really useful for spreading and working pizza, is supplied as an optional. 

General features 
• Energy class A 
• 16 functions 
• Operating temperature 30-400 ° C 
• TFT electronic touch programmer 
• Electronic temperature control 
• Interior light 
• Four glass cold door (EN60335-2-6-11.101) 
• High density insulation 
• Tangential cooling ventilation 
• Child safety 

Cavity features 
• AISI 304 stainless steel muffle 
• Internal dimensions 44x21x40.5 cm 
• Capacity 37 L 
• Steam discharge on command with dry or wet cooking option 

• Pizza 
• Thawing 
• Quick start 
• Multiple fan cooking 
• Multiple wet ventilated cooking 
• Intensive cooking 
• Intensive wet cooking 
• Ventilated grill cooking 
• Grill cooking with the door closed 
• Cooking from above 
• Cooking from above wet 
• Cooking from below 
• Cooking from under wet 
• Normal static cooking 
• Normal static wet cooking 
• ECO cooking 

• Maximum absorption 2.9 kW 
• Electric heater higher than 900 W 
• Lower electrical resistance 1300 W 
• Electric grill 1600 W 
• Circular resistance 2000 W 

Oven finishes 
• Stainless steel 

Finishes knobs, handles 
• Satin finish

Made in Italy
595 mm
2,9 kW
Cabinet width (mm):
Surface finish:
Stainless Steel
Oven type
Electric oven
Energy rating
540 mm
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