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ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer
ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer

ASKO T611HX.W Front-Loadding Dryer

This energy-saving white heat pump tumble dryer from our Style range has a sturdy and long-lasting construction with a stainless steel drum and a reliable brushless motor. Installation is easy since no ductwork is required and it is also suitable for confined spaces since the heat pump only requires a small amount of external air. It is easy to use and you can set different dryness levels with the auto programs, from completely dry to iron dry. 18 programs and various options will help you dry your clothes effectively every time.

Product fiche
Energy efficiency class: A++
Capacity: 11 kg
Heat pump
Number of programmes: 18
Auto condenser filter cleaning
Installation: Freestanding
Range: Style
Colour of the product: White

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Asko T611HX.W is a stylish, large-capacity (up to 11 kg) modern tumble dryer with heat pump technology and high performance. The T611HX.W has state-of-the-art dryer features and an industrial machine design. Thanks to the heat pump function, the drying air is not as hot as in traditional models. This allows the machine to be placed even in small spaces. In addition, much less moisture and residual heat accumulates in the indoor air than in traditional dryers. The display is very accurate and shows the program, program time, temperature and everything else you need.
The programs are very versatile; you can dry various textiles directly to cabinet dry or leave them slightly damp. With nearly 18 different programs, you can find the perfect choice for all your textiles.
There are programs for drying towels, bathrobes and bed linen. You can also use a separate airing program to refresh your clothes - even delicate fabrics like silk and wool have a separate airing program. The drum also has a separate steam program, with which you can smooth out wrinkles and prepare the laundry for ironing.
Thanks to the sensor-controlled drying result, the machine is easy and safe to use - it knows when the textile has reached the required level of dryness and switches off with an audible signal. Thanks to the identification system, you can use the drum with a load of 1-8 kg and it works equally well with a small amount of laundry as well as with a full amount of bed linen and bed sheets. The A++ energy class ensures minimum electricity consumption and saves the wallet. The quiet working sound does not disturb everyday workers. Efficient interior lighting facilitates use.
Extremely efficient dryer and stylish Scandinavian design
ASKO dryers are efficient, energy-saving and beautifully designed. It fits perfectly into any interior. The construction uses as much steel as possible, which ensures a longer life of the machine. Asko products are developed in Lindköping, Sweden, to meet the needs of Nordic consumers.
Our unique SensiDry system determines the correct drying time. The interaction of temperature sensors ensures smoother and more reliable drying results than traditional sensors. The program stops automatically when the laundry is dry. The automatic program is not only pleasant and easy to use, but also saves energy, as the machine's operating time is adjusted according to the amount of laundry. Less charging means less power consumption.
System "Butterfly
The unique ASKO "Butterfly" drying system treats your laundry gently and ensures a long service life of the dryer. Our dryers always dry in the same direction, saving the motor and other components. At the same time, the unique drum arms lift the laundry around the drum in a circular motion so that the laundry does not pile up. Clothes do not wear or wrinkle.
Gentle heat pump drying
ASKO dryers with a heat pump are closed systems in which air circulates continuously inside the dryer, which is why they can be installed even in narrow places. Moisture is removed from the air by an evaporator, so a lower temperature is sufficient for drying. This results in gentler drying without reducing drying performance or device efficiency. In addition to gentler drying, heat pump dryers reduce the risk of garment shrinkage, enabling drying of very delicate textiles as well.
Double fiber filter
The instant filter prevents air circulation in the dryer and increases energy consumption. That is why our dryers are equipped with a very efficient double washing dust filter. This prevents the accumulation of laundry dust and extends the life of the dryer. All filters are very easy to clean.
A soft drum
The soft drum is a solution that allows air to circulate better around the laundry, thereby improving the drying effect. With rounded edges, grooved recesses also reduce the impact of impacts, reducing wear and tear on fabrics. The new drum structure allows for smoother and gentler drying of both small and large loads of laundry
We like ball bearings
Ball bearings are a great invention. They make everything work better and last longer, which is why we've installed five of them in our dryers: one on the drum shaft, two to support the drum and two for the motor.
Applications: - Rollers used as shafts - Rollers used as shafts (hubs):
Automatic additional drying: program for thick and multi-layer non-sensitive cotton fabrics.
Automatic drying: cabinet drying of non-liquid cotton fabrics.
Automatic drying: tumble drying for non-porous cotton fabrics. After drying, the laundry is either dry or slightly damp.
Automatic drying for ironing: an automatic program for cotton laundry that prepares the laundry for ironing.
Auto jeans- suitable for jeans and clothes with thick seams.
Automatic viscose: for synthetics and other delicate fabrics. Suitable for all types of fabric, e.g.Automatic Terry: Suitable for thicker terry fabrics such as towels and bathrobes.
Automatic program for down-filled clothes (pillows, blankets, jackets)
Bedding: For bulky textiles such as pillows and blankets
Silk and wool: For silk and wool, follow the textile manufacturer's instructions.
Shirt program: lower temperature, leaves clothes slightly damp to prevent them from creasing easily.
Wrinkle straightening: Wrinkle straightening using steam.
Steam, laundry refresh Steam refreshes clothes that do not need to be washed, but only refreshed.
Sportswear: a program for surface-treated garments and breathable fibers.
Processing program: using heat to activate the saturated material and improve the effect.
Quick program / "Quick Pro": for unironed laundry washed with a quick program.
Time program: Drying time 30 minutes to 4 hours
Drying program: 15 minutes to 4 hours
Additional features:
Timer: from 30 min. up to 24 hours
Choice of drying level: 3 levels
Choice of filling: 3 levels
Anti-wrinkle protection 0-4 hours every hour
steam drying: steam finishing in certain applications
Add Favorites: Add a program to your favorites, up to 6 different programs, and the program will be saved with additional options.
Technical information:
Energy class: A++
Energy consumption: Class A++: 177 kWh/year
Volume: 11 kg
Noise level (drying): 65 dB (drying level)
LCD screen
Timer 1-24 hours
Drum volume: 145 l
Steel drum and bowl
Built-in condensate tank, drain hose included
Door handle: right, reversible
Condensate drainage into the sewer
Connection power: 2000 W
Electrical connection: 220-240 V
Dimensions (H x W x D): 850 x 595 x 769
Weight: 61 kg


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