New GUGLIELMI PURA G100+Still Kitchen faucet Expand

GUGLIELMI PURA G100+Still Kitchen faucet with mikrofiltration system and boiler



Keittiöhana suodatetulla vesiliitännällä TÄYDELTY MIKROSUODATUSJÄRJESTELMÄN JA KATTIMEN kanssa
HANA, jossa on kaksi itsenäistä virtapiiriä/vettä ja suodatettua vettä yhdestä hanasta:
- kylmän ja kylmän veden sekoitin-oikea puoli
- suodatetun veden liitäntä-vasen puoli
Nokka voidaan kääntää 360° läpi paremman peitteen saamiseksi
Pintakäsittelyt sopivat täydellisesti lavuaareihin ja kulhoihin

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Kitchen faucet with filtered water connection 
with pull-out hand schower
3 in 1: Water, drincing water and boiler directly out of one tap
Product description

  • FAUCET with two indepent Circuits/water and filtered water out of one tap:
    - hot and cold water mixer (right side)
    - filtered water connection (left side)
  • Comfortable: 2 in 1 mixer tap with cold and warm water lever on the right, drinking water lever on the left
  • Hygienic: separate water circuit with extra spout for filtered water – no mixture with mains water
  • Space-saving and practical: with the 2-in-1-tap no additional drilling is required for filtered water supply
  • Spout can be swivelled through 360° for greater cover
  • Surface finishes to perfectly match sinks and bowls: Colour Metallic
  • Finish: Metallic
  • Ø 35 mm tap hole required
  • With ceramic cartridge for domestic water 
  • 12 l/min flow rate
  • 2-way ceramic diverter 180° for still and boiling water 5 l/min flow rates
  • Complete with microfiltration anti-limescale system and boiler with Guglielmi technology
  • Flexible connector pipes, 450 mm long and 3/8'' nut for particularly easy and safe installation
  • Stabilisation plate to increase the stability of the tap when fitted in stainless steel sinks
  • 2 aerators
By manufacturer  GUGLIELMI
Made in EU
Width 175mm
Height 345mm
Mixer type On the sink
Surface finish: Stainless Steel
Mixer type Unfiltered and filtered water
Purpose mixer Kitchen
Control mechanism Sinle lever

Since 1954 Guglielmi family has been carrying on an ancient and difficult profession: giving shape to water, the most fleeting and intangible element. However, with pure lines, shining metal and with the most advanced research, water can be dominated and it enters our homes to bring wellness and health.

The passion of the sons Orazio and Orfeo, born as their father Armando in the small village of Valduggia, never ended. Among the gurgling rivers in the green scenery of Valsesia, in Piedmont, the will of modeling the tap as a design product took shape, combining functionality and aesthetics.