ILVE 600C-MP, Country Expand

ILVE 600CE3 Country Built-in electric oven



Built-in Nostalgie Electric oven
Series: Country
Usable volume: 60 litres
Operating temperature 30-300gr
Programmer electronic
Thermostat with electronic probe
Select 9 multifunction oven cooking mode
Internal light
Child safety
Energy efficiency class A
Several colours available
Majestic trim ( knobs and handle ): BRASS, CHROME, BRONZE


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ILVE Nostalgie ovens offer an attractive and traditional country style finish that enhances the appearance of a traditional kitchen. The oven features are identical to the 600C MP but for a vitreous enamelled pressed steel door and control panel combined with a beautiful yet functional analogue clock. Brass plated control knobs and oven door handle finish off this
truly country style oven.


  • Multifunction oven , STANDARD OVEN 60
  • Energy efficiency class A on a scale of A (more efficient) to G (less efficient)
  • Select 9 multifunction oven cooking mode
  • Usable volume: 60 litres
  • Different colours available
  • Turbowave cooking
  • Precision thermostatic 30°C through to 300°C
  • Fast pre heat time 0°C-175°C in 6 minutes
  • Energy consumption based on standard load:
  • Conventional: 0.99 kWh
  • Forced air convection: 0.79 kWh
  • Nominal power 2.65 kW (12 AMP)
  • Internal dimensions: W. 44 x H. 33,5 x D. 41 cm
  • Cut out – hole dimension: 578x560mm
  • Brass or chrome trim / FURNITURE/ : Brass, Chrome, Bronze 
  • Cold door with three Termovit glass panes, one fixed and two removable easily for easy cleaning
  • Removable oven door and inner door glass
  • Twin fan cavity integrated cooling system
  • Cooling fan
  • Electronic - programmable timer
  • Child safety
  • Thermostat with electronic probe
  • Catalytic self cleaning system including roof


a) Pizza cooking
Pizza function suitable for cooking pizza, bread and scones. Lower heating element works together with the other heating elements.
b) Defrost and Quick start
Defrosting of frozen food is accelerated by means of fan driven air circulation.
Defrosting at room temperature does not alter the taste and appearance of the food. Quick Start, available only on certain models, is a fast pre-heating oven function.
c) Fanned heat
This provides a more even heat than a conventional oven and food is «sealed» very quickly. 
Pre-heating is generally unnecessary. As there is no top or bottom heat the whole area of the oven can be used. This setting is ideal for batch baking or cooking a complete meal.
d) Intensive cooking
A fast intensive form of cooking, suitable for a variety of dishes. It replaces the spit and can be used for baked fish, braised vegetables, kebabs, roast chicken, duck etc
e) Fanned Grill
An energy-saving method for deep cooking. Suitable for chops, sausages, kebabs etc.
f) Grill-baking
Suitable for roast meats in general e.g. fillet steak, grilled fish and vegetables,
also for cooking «au gratin» e.g. cauliflower cheese.
g) Upper element
Especially suitable for browning and to add the finishing touch of colour to different dishes. We suggest this setting for browning lasagne, melting cheese toppings etc.
h) Lower element
As the heat comes from the lower element, this setting is particularly suitable for pastry and cakes e.g. flans, pizzas, biscuits, fruit cakes etc.
j) Upper & lower elements
This operates like a conventional electric oven and can be used accordingly. Suitable for pork, chops, sausage, game, roast veal, meringues and biscuits, baked fruit, etc.

Accessories (additional charge):

  • Backing tray
  • Roasting tin
  • Grill mesh
  • Catalytic stay clean liners
  • Pizza stone
  • Telescopic sliding shelves
  • Colour: Stainless steel, Anthracite, Wine red, Old white, White, Copper coloured

Made in ITALY

Oven type Retro Electric oven
Surface finish: Color
Cabinet width (mm): 600
Energy rating A
Installation Built-in
Power: 2,65kW
Width 598mm
Height 596mm
Depth 550 mm