New TEKA VS 152 GS WISH Maestro Expand

TEKA VS 152 GS WISH Maestro vacuum packaging machine




Built-in vacuum drawer,
For vacuum packing of food,
Storage and portsioning of food,
Preparation of food for SOUS-VIDE coocing,
Convenient and easy- Touch control,
Push-Open mechanism

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444,00 €

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  • Embedded machine for vacuum packaging with weights
  • Storage and portsioning of food,
  • Vacuum drawer
  • Glass black front panel with stainless steel frame with protective coating from fingerprints
  • Vacuum packaging increases the shelf life of products by 2-3 times compared to conventional storage methods
  • The original taste, color, smell, nutritional and freshness persist for a very long time
  • You can use it to pack medicines, documents, photographs, film, jewelry and other materials that have semiconductor qualities
  • Sealed food packaging in special vacuum bags
  • Sealing of conventional polyethylene bags
  • Digital kitchen scale with protective cover
  • Holders of aluminum foil and transparent film / cellophane
  • Automatic backlight
  • Automatic closing
  • Smooth closing
  • Place for storage of baking trays and baking forms
  • Vacuum packaging is suitable for all types of vegetables, meat, fish, dressings, instant foods, snacks, dried fish, semi-finished products, etc.
  • Automatic Sealing and Sealing Function
  • Weighing food up to 5 kg max
  • The compact pump motor provides low noise / low vibration;
  • The evacuation pressure is 430 mm Hg.
  • The width of the bags should not exceed 295 mm
  • Heating wire 0.5 mm in diameter for hermetic sealing of the bag
  • Low power consumption - 60 W
  • The scales work from the batteries
  • Automatic stop of evacuation within 3 minutes. if the package is incorrectly positioned
  • The box is equipped with a power cable and a plug
  • Ideal complement for a 45 cm high appliance for a 59 cm high built-in niche
  • Telescopic rails for easy loading and unloading
  • Push-Open mechanism
  • External dimensions (HxWxD): 140x595x557 mm
Made in EU
Cabinet width (mm):600
Width595 mm
Surface finish:Black
Niche (mm):140