BARAZZA Kuivatusrest 1CRG Expand

BARAZZA 1CRG Kuivatusrest



Klaasist toodetele,
Moodud: 272x138mm 

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THIS drainer top is useful for resting glasses or small utensils you need while cooking on, or for draining after washing.
Supplements can give an added value, both functional and formal. The areas where it is in fact make the kitchen a place neat and comfortable, ensuring maximum convenience and ergonomics.
Equipped areas are divided into practical and safe compartments. Drainer, door-boards, glass rack, bottle holder and shelves and organize the complete functionality of the kitchen.


  • Kuivatusrest klaasist toodetele  
  • Kasutamiseks komplektis Rennidega: 1CI90, 1CI120, 1CIA180
  • Moodud: 272x138mm 
  • Roostevaba Teras

Tootja : BARAZZA 
Made in ITALY

Laius 272mm
Välismõõt (wxhxd) 272X138mm
Material: Roostevaba teras
Pleki Paksus (mm): 1,0 mm
Paigaldus Tasapinnaline
Sügavus 138mm