Vannitoakomplektid " PURIS"

The company Puris Bad GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Brilon (Hochsauerland) in Germany in 1998 as a 100% subsidiary of the company Alno AG. Puris Bad GmbH is characterised by target-group oriented products of a brand quality, dynamism and speed. As a bathroom specialist with highly motivated and flexible employees, it is our claim that we not only produce high-quality and functional bathroom furniture, but that we also bring comfort and flair into your bathroom with our concepts. The marketing concept which puris has had right from the start, pays for itself. puris has been continually increasing its turnover since 1998. puris has been able to quickly establish itself in the market. puris will also increase its market share in the business year 2007-2008. Kollection: Cool line , Crescendo , Drive , Elegance , Esprit En Vogue, Esprit Home Spa , Esprit Urban Sense , Giro , Kera Trends , Laguna Jubibad , Laguna Magic , Mondo Gloss , Mondo Ronda , Ole , Qbiq , Star line , Swing , Variado , Wave

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