Uusi MIELE CVA 6805 BRWS Integroitu Espressokoneet Expand

MIELE CVA 7845 Integroitu Espressokoneet



Integroitu Espressokoneet,

Built-in fully automatic coffee machine,
A series of devices in a niche height: 45 cm.
Stationary water connection
Colour: Black, GrGrafiitHall, White, Black/ Stainless Steel


3 780,00 €

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  • Stationary water connection
  • 5 programmable cup sizes
  • Dispenser for 1 or 2 cups
  • Genuine cappuccino function
  • Removable milk container with cleaning function
  • Suitable for use with coffee beans and coffee powder
  • Height-adjustable coffee dispenser
  • Boiling pressure approx. 15 bar
  • Separate boiler for coffee and for hot water
  • Automatic cleaning and decalcification programmes
  • Automatic cleaning when switching on and off
  • Hot water function
  • Water container removable from the front
  • Electronic timer with time-of-day clock
  • Programmable starting time
  • Standby function (programmable)
  • Red clear text display
  • LED lights
  • Central switch-off controls
  • 3 selectable coffee temperatures
  • Selectable coffee flavour (5 preset coffee strengths)
  • Telescopic rails for easy re-filling

Technical data:

  • Electrical connection 3,5 kW
  • Appliance dimensions W x H x D approx. 455x595x475mm (incl. front
    20 mm and telescopic rails)
  • Niche dimensions W x H x D approx. 448-452x560-568x550m
Made in Germany
Korkeus 455mm
Alakaapin minimileveys (mm): 600
Asennus Sisäänrakennettu
Leveys 595 mm
Teho: 1,5 kW
Pintakäsittely: Musta
Kaapin korkeus (mm): 450
Syvyys 475mm