KÜPPERSBUSCH KMI 8500.0 WR Profession+ Expand

KUPPERSBUSCH KMI 8500.0 WR Valkoinen työtasoon integroitava liesitaso ja liesituuletin



Työtasoon integroitava liesitaso ja liesituuletin
Induction hob-level extractor units are both cooking zone and extractor fan in one! This is an especially effective form 
of hob ventilation,as grease and steam are extracted directly at the source and are not carried through the room.
You don’t need a separate extractor fan above your cooker, meaning you have more freedom when designing your kitchen.


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I. Features induction hob:
  • Design: WHITE
  • 10­level power controls ”glideControl“ with white display
  • Bridge function, front and rear cooking zone can be swichted together to one cooking zone
  • Automatic booster cooking phase 
  • Residual heat indicator 
  • Minute minder with switch­off feature
  • Holiday shut­down device (limiting operation duration time)
  • Ventilation grid and glass cover (ZK 8000) incl.
    2 cooking zones 210 x 190 mm / 2,100 W (3,700 W*)
    2 cooking zones 210 x 190 mm / 1,650 W (1,850 W*)
    *with power booster setting 
II. Features cooker hood:
  • Extraction rate (to the outside) according to guideline EN 61591: 
    max. normal power setting 530 m³/h, intensive power  setting 620 m³/h
  • Noise level according to guideline EN 60704­2­13: 
    min. 39 dB, max. 55 dB, int. 68 dB
  • 4 power levels incl. high power settings
  • Digital display
  • Metal grease fi lter with 96 % grease deposit
  • Automatic delay stop
  • Recirculating air mode possible (see optional accessories)
Technical data:
  • Electrical connection Induction 7,400 W / hood 115 W
  • Appliance dimensions W x D approx. 830 x 515 mm 
  • Niche dimensions W x D approx. 750 x 500 mm
Optional accessories (hood):
  • PlasmaMade fi lter Acc. no. ZD 8001 '
  • Charcoal fi lter box Acc. no. ZK 8001
  • Glass cover, black Acc. no. ZK 8000

Ventilation grids in the individual concept.
Individualise your induction hob-level extractor fitting designs in:
Stainless steel, Black chrome, Silver chrome, Gold, Black velvet, Copper and Hot chilli are also possible as special orders (price and delivery time on request).

Made in Germany
Teho: 7,4kW/ 0,115kW
Korkeus 55mm
Liesitasot Induktiotasot
Asennus Huullettavat
Leveys 830mm
Pintakäsittely: Lasikeraaminen, Valkoinen
Syvyys 515mm