PYRAMIS MK120x60x5,5 Expand

PYRAMIS Minikeittiot liesipöydät 120x60cm



PYRAMIS Minikeittiot liesipöydät


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Kitchen sink in stainless steel with one bowl. Delivers welded and polished corners, noisepad, waste valve and siphon included in the price, height: 55m and ventilation grill provides better hot air evacuation,

  • Pantry Dimension> 1200x600x55mm
  • Left/ Right Bowl
  • Bowl Dimension> 340x400x150mm
  • Waste valve 11/2 and Siphon

2.  2 electric hot plates: 
- 1 x normal cooking plate Ø180, 1500 watts
- 1 x rapid cooking plate Ø150, 1500 watts

  • Function light indicator, 
  • Silicon safety cable,
  • Control Lamp to indicate appliance in use
  • 2 switches of 7 levels. , Steep Transfer Switch
  • Dimension:  1200x600x55mm

Made in EU

Mitat (lxkxs) 1200X600X55mm
Paksuus teräs (mm): 0,8 mm
Asennus Kaappiasennuksen
Pesuallas mitat (lxkxs) 340х400х150мм
Pintakäsittely: Ruostumaton teräs
Altaiden lukumäärä 1