Список товаров бренда GUGLIELMI

GUGLIELMI S.p.A. rubinetterie
Via Arturo Biella 27
28075 Grignasco (NO) ITALY
Phone +39 0163 418129 R.A.
Fax +39 0163 418546
Email: info@guglielmi.com

Since 1954 Guglielmi family has been carrying on an ancient and difficult profession: giving shape to water, the most fleeting and intangible element. However, with pure lines, shining metal and with the most advanced research, water can be dominated and it enters our homes to bring wellness and health.

The passion of the sons Orazio and Orfeo, born as their father Armando in the small village of Valduggia, never ended. Among the gurgling rivers in the green scenery of Valsesia, in Piedmont, the will of modeling the tap as a design product took shape, combining functionality and aesthetics.

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